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Gotham Recap: Like Looking Down A Deep, Dark Tunnel

This week’s episode of Gotham gave us some seriously strange business. “The Blind Fortune Teller” had circus freaks, organ harvesters, voices from beyond the grave, brainwashed sidekicks, inappropriate sleepovers and murderous kids who may or may not grow up to be the most notorious villain of all time. Just another […]

Will We Meet The Joker On Tonight’s Gotham?

If you’re like me, when you finished last week’s episode of Gotham, you were only thinking one thing: hold on, did that teaser just show us the Joker? I mean…that’s Cameron Monaghan (Shameless) at the end of this promo, playing a young version of Gotham City’s most terrifying villain…isn’t […]

Gotham Recap: Honk, Honk! It’s What Geese Say

I think it’s time to officially say it: haters to the left. Gotham really went for it last week and the payoff was fantastic. If you gave up, or you’re not watching, I recommend catching up now – because if “Penguin’s Umbrella” is any indication of where the season is going, it’s going […]

Gotham Recap: Hi Mom, I’m Alive!

Last week, I said, “Harvey is a great character and Donal Logue is doing a fantastic job, but I wish they’d make Bullock just a little bit darker.” And lo, my prayers were answered! This week on Gotham, we get the Harvey Bullock backstory, which not only adds some much […]

Gotham Recap: Do Not Vex Me, Mortal!

Last week on Gotham, they trimmed the fat, concentrating on the war between two crime bosses and ignoring some of the more unnecessary side characters. It worked, making “Arkham” the most compelling episode of Gotham so far. This week, the writers continue to cut back, keeping Montoya and Allen out […]

Gotham Recap: Oh, I Brought Cannoli!

“There’s a war coming, Jim. And there will be so many deaths…so many.” This is what Oswald Cobblepot tells Jim Gordon after dropping by his apartment unexpectedly. And yeah, it’s a pretty ballsy thing to do, considering Cobblepot is supposed to be gone from Gotham forever. But he’s […]

Fall TV: Gotham Premiere Knee-jerk Reaction

Those of you who know me at all, know how excited I was for the premiere of Gotham. Fox’s new foray into the superhero market features the early life of DC Comics’ Commissioner Jim Gordon and his experiences in the crime-filled and corrupt Gotham City. The show also […]