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Game Of Crowns Recap: This Is The Big One

Last week on Game Of Crowns, we found out about the ever so prestigious Legends of the Crown Pageant, which is only available to elite title holders. Since both Lynne Diamante and Susanna Paliotta recently purchased received some big-time crowns in the back room of a Denny’s, all six […]

Game Of Crowns: The Stuff Of Pageant Legends

Last week, I skipped out on recapping Game Of Crowns because, well, everything was terrible. What did we miss? Hmm, let’s see. Lynne Diamante got married to the same man for the fifteenth time. There were gargoyles and butterflies and weird silver tree people. All the women were dressed like […]

Game Of Crowns: This Changes Everything With The Butterflies

Hello Game Of Crowns hate-watchers! That’s all that’s left, right? Well, we’re back for another week of middle-aged women who like to congregate in suburban New England convention centers and fight over made up titles that mean nothing in the real world. How fun! Here are some unconfirmed rumors I’ve read about the cast […]