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Project Runway All-Stars Recap: Looking For A Downtown Man

It’s time for the fourth installment of Project Runway All-Stars, which premiered last night. While I’m not thrilled with all of the contestants they’ve chosen to bring back (cough-Kate-Pankoke-cough) it’s exciting to see some of the best designers return for another round of competition. After a very pregnant Alyssa Milano welcomes the initial twelve […]

Meet The Cast Of Project Runway All-Stars Season 4

Even though they screwed it up last season, Project Runway All-Stars has a good reputation for giving former contestants a chance at redemption. Its winners from seasons one and two – Mondo Guerra and Anthony Ryan Auld, respectively – both deserved their wins and really needed that second chance […]

Project Runway All Stars Gets It Wrong

Throughout its first two seasons, I was pretty happy with Project Runway All Stars – I am okay with any series that could finally vindicate the brilliant Mondo Guerra – but in last night’s finale third season finale, they got it all wrong. Wrongitty wrong, wrong. Consider this your spoiler warning, […]