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Meet The Cast Of Project Runway All-Stars Season 4

Even though they screwed it up last season, Project Runway All-Stars has a good reputation for giving former contestants a chance at redemption. Its winners from seasons one and two – Mondo Guerra and Anthony Ryan Auld, respectively – both deserved their wins and really needed that second chance […]

Project Runway Recap: Fashion Week, Part I

Well, the time is finally here: the Project Runway two-part season finale. Despite what I thought might happen, no one is eliminated in this week’s episode. That means all four finalists – Char, Sean, Amanda and Kini – will all show at Fashion Week and compete for the prize. […]

Project Runway: I Love The 90s

I’m just going to come right out and say it: the judges on Project Runway this season are completely batsh*t insane. They have lost their collective minds, I think, or maybe they’re just mentally displaced, like in a new space/time dimension or something. Maybe they are operating on an […]

Project Runway Is Back! Meet Your Season 13 Contestants

Are you still watching Project Runway? After a dozen seasons, several new judges and a couple of unsuccessful gimmicks (Remember the team challenge season? Yikes!) the fashion reality competition is still alive and kicking. I guess it helps when you’re kicking with Heidi Klum’s legs, huh? Project Runway will return […]

Project Runway All Stars Gets It Wrong

Throughout its first two seasons, I was pretty happy with Project Runway All Stars – I am okay with any series that could finally vindicate the brilliant Mondo Guerra – but in last night’s finale third season finale, they got it all wrong. Wrongitty wrong, wrong. Consider this your spoiler warning, […]