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Oh Hey, Reign Has Ghosts Now I Guess

Things on Reign have always been a little weird, right? I mean, there was Clarissa, the deformed love child of Catherine de’ Medici, who lived in secret passageways and tormented the French Court. There was King Henry himself, who was also tormented by voices – namely, the ghost of his […]

Are You Ready For Reign Season Two?

You know what I hate? When my husband runs off to see the birth of his love child, likely catching the plague in the process, right when I’ve just been crowned the queen of France. It’s bad enough that my best friend might actually die giving birth to my husband’s […]

Get Your First Look At Reign Season 2

Are you in Reign withdrawal? Yeah, me too. It’s tough not getting my weekly dose of completely inaccurate historical drama. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait much longer. The CW won’t premiere the second season until October, but they’ve released a sneak peek to satisfy us in the meantime. […]

Power Ranking The Latest Episode Of Reign: Who Rules?

On a show like Reign, everything is a battle for power. Whether it’s through love, sex, lies or the almighty coin, there isn’t one character on Reign who is not fighting for control over someone or something else. Sometimes it’s just a little casual sexual domination with your kitchen servant girlfriend and sometimes it’s a […]